Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy, Happy Valentines Day

Happy Love Day!

I'm the first to admit that I am a Holidayholic. I get a crazy high off of celebrating holidays. I love the arts and crafts, the special meals, the traditions, the warm fuzzies that they bring to your heart, and the extra helping of love and kindness that is served to each other on these special days.

I mean, I love all holidays. Christmas, St Patties, Easter, President's day, if there is a craft that can be done for the holiday, I'm there. I'm loving it. I'm making tons of memories for our little family. I'm going just a tad bit overboard with it. And I'm loving it.

And do you know what one of my favorites of the holidays are? Valentines.
What is not to love about a day that celebrates LOVE!?
I hear people say that don't like the day because they don't have any romantic relationship going on, and I think to myself that they missed the point.
For me at least, Valentines day is not so much about romance as celebrating those that you LOVE and those who love your right back.

So today, I do celebrate my love for my husband, the mad crazy love that I have for him.
But I also celebrate the unconditional love that he and I have for our beautiful babies.
I celebrate the love I have for my parents and they for not just me, but my whole little family.
I celebrate my friends and family.
I celebrate love.

And what's not to like about that!?

We devoted this whole weekend to Valentines Day here in the Hilburn house.
Saturday night, the Hubby and I got away for the night and had ourselves a romantic getaway.
My mom kept the kiddos for us (thanks mom) and we checked into a hotel nearby. We had a fundraiser event to attend, which was SO much fun, and then we just had some time to ourselves.
We don't do things like this often, but it was so lovely and I think its important to do from time to time. Gosh, I love this guy...
Sunday, we slept in (you have no idea how nice it is to do this until you have kids!), had a beautiful brunch, and then went back upstairs to our room and... TOOK A NAP! I know, we are too exciting.

We headed home that afternoon, and although we had a blast we were both ready to get home to our babes. The day was beautiful, so we headed to the park (a staple favorite for us). Daniel was supposed to work late tonight, so we had our family Valentine's dinner that night. It has sorta become a tradition to have hamburgers and fries (served valentines style) for our V-day dinner. I like it.

The kids were so excited to have a "Valentines Party!", complete with candy bouquets and little boxes of chocolate. We vamped up the cheesy-love factor a few notches and went around the table and said what we loved most about the person to our right. I'm almost ashamed of how cheesy we are sometimes. Not really, I love every bit of the sappy-love.

Usually, the little candy bouquets would be it for their gifts. But I had several little gifts left over from here and there, so I put together little gift bags for the kiddies. They were so excited this morning to find the bags with their mailboxes.

*on a side note: There has been a balloon tide to Dylan's chair for valentines every year since he was one. We continue the tradition with Londy Lou too.

How lucky am I that this guy is my Valentine every day of the year!?
*I'm pretty sure your can literally hear sap dripping as you read this, but we really are sappy-love-bugs (not that any marriage is perfect, not even ours).

Dylan had his V-day party at school today, and for the first time ever, he wrote his Valentine's all by himself. I literally tore the little cards apart for him, handed him his class list and a pen, and let him do his thing. I couldn't believe he was big enough for this. I asked him a couple of times if he needed help, but turns out he's a big boy.

London isn't in Preschool, so she didn't need to make Valentines cards, but we did make one for her best bud, Bekham.

Dylan's class party was a lot of fun for both he and his little sister.

I get a little tickled every year at the size of his Valentines bags. I remember getting a little brown paper lunch sack to decorate every year, and even that was only half way full by the time all of my friends gave me a little card and maybe a small piece of candy. Now days, they get a full sized gift bag to house not just little cards, but small gift bags, boxes of candy, little toys, ect. I'm not complaining, I totally jumped on the train and send him with boxes of candy and gift bags every year for his little friends, it just cracks me up a little for some reason.
This pictures just cracks me up. Dylan was beside himself with excited over the Fundip Valentine that one of his friends gave to him.
It was a fun day.
Dylan requested Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner tonight.
We don't have this often, as Daniel really dislikes the dish.
However, he had planned to work late, and I thought "Sure! Why not"
In a happy twist of events, he didn't have to work late and got to *enjoy* his (not so) favorite dish with us. We were so happy to have him home with us tonight.

I hope everyone had a beautiful and happy Valentines day and that you celebrated all the love in your life.

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