Friday, September 10, 2010

Dylan's Birthday Part 1!

So, my big man is six years old!
He has had a very happy birthday(week!).
The festivities started when our birthday boy woke up Sunday morning. As I do every year, I cook him what ever he wanted for breakfast, this year it was cheesy walfles, and decorate just a little bit. We always have the presents on the table, waiting for him also.

Dylan was just so excited to be six, I think that the presents were icing on his cake this year. I don't know what it was about six, but it seemed to be a magic number for Dylan. He has never been so excited for a birthday before. He has proudly told everyone and anyone who will listen that he is SIX years old this past week.

After our morning celebration, we headed to church. I bought him a "Birthday Boy" pin to wear, and he was so tickled about it. He loved having everyone know it was his birthday and loved all the happy birthday wishes that he received. The rest of the day, we just hung out, played, and took it easy.

For dinner, as we do every year for birthdays, we went to dinner with my mom, brother and his family. We always let the birthday child pick where they want to eat. Dylan want pizza, so we picked California Pizza, because it was a half way point for meeting. The food was yummy and the company was great! I did not do a big cake, because I knew he would have one this coming weekend for his birthday party, but there was no way that I was going to not have a candle and cake of some sort for him! So, I ordered a huge slice of cake and had them put a candle in it. The over-doer in me cringed a little to not have a big cake and big presentation on his (even though he would have on the next week), but Dylan didn't mind one bit. He loved his piece of cake and candle just as much as he has loved the big cakes in the past! (Yes, I do see that there is a lesson to be learned there, thank you!)

He has been beside himself with happiness this whole week over his sixth birthday. Tomorrow, we have his birthday party at Winkids. He chose Super Heros as his theme. I think it is going to be pretty darn cute!

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