Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let is SNOW!!

We usually see snow down here in Dallas, Texas about once a year. Maybe. Sometimes, not at all (I'm pretty sure it didn't snow last year?) So yesterday, when to forecaster said that we had a chance of snow, I said "yeh right!" So, imagine my surprise when, 1)London didn't wake up until am!! (that's like sleeping until noon for her!) and then 2)looking out the window at 2 am to see SNOW!! You guys in the north will probably chuckle to see the "snow" that we get so excited about. It was only about an inch and a half, but it was enough to get a little gitty about! I ran to
Dylan's room and woke him up immediately! You should have seen his little eyes when I told him it was snowing! He jumped straight up out of bed and into some clothes. This was his first reaction to the snow:

London took a little while to warm up to the snow. She only wanted to be held by Daniel for the first few minutes. Which was A-OK by him!

The kids were much to intrigued with the snow to stop for a picture, but mean mommy made them anyways. This is as good as it got:

And Little Bit did eventually agree to get down in the snow. She tried to stomp around in it for a bit, but gave up promptly after falling down once. She and I have decided that we are not snow bunnies. Its only nice to look at.
Before London's meltdown about falling in the snow/mommy being sick of being wet and cold, and all of us heading back inside, there was even a snow ball fight!

*Please excuse the fact that her hat does NOT match her coat. Since its normally not even very cold here yet, I still have not bought he hat and mittens! Oh, and Daniel couldn't find his gloves, so he is wearing mine. And also, he is in his pj sweat shirt! lol! What do you want, we were in HURRY to get to that snow! hahaha!*

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  1. So so cute. My little dude hasn't seen snow yet. The hubs is from MN, so one of these days we'll have to get him up there to see it!