Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby, Its COLD Outside!

This isn't a long post because, well... I'm popped. Just plain 'ole TIRED.

My mom had spinal surgery yesterday. It went well, but was such a looooong day. The surgery took 5 hours!! Yikes! I was lonely and ready to see my mom/kids/hubby. I didn't even get to see her until 9:30 last night (after being at the hospital since 11:30 am!). I got home at midnight and crashed!

Today was a whirlwind. School for Dylan while London and I ran some errands, first time attempting nap without binkie, more errands, dinner with the family at Wendy's (because thats all we had time for), hospital to see my mom, visit with her a my brother, come home, fill out some paper work for very exciting adventure ahead, give baths, send kids to bed (well, London was already asleep from the car ride home), and now about to go cuddle in bed with the hubby and have some meaningful pillow talkimpose upon him with my chatter even though he is falling asleep! Whew.

By the way, its finally feeling like a real Winter down here in the Dallas area! I LOVE it. And I love this little hat. I also love the adorable little girl in the hat. And her brother. And father.

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  1. Hi there! I'm blog hopping and stopped to say hi! You have a beautiful family!