Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Crafts

Its Christmas week! I wanted to do a craft each day leading up to Christmas with Dylan starting on Monday. We do crafts pretty often as is, but I just thought it would be fun and festive to make a big deal out of doing "Today's Christmas Craft!". He gets pretty excited to look at the options in my craft corner and pick what he is going to do that day. Yesterday was so stinkin busy for us, that we hardly had time to turn around, much less craft. So today, I told him we would do two crafts to make up for it.

After MUCH debate, he settled on doing this wooden Christmas tree. I though it would be a cute keepsake that I will put out on a table or somewhere every Christmas. I can't think of decoration I would like more than those that my kids make! I decided I would paint a little sign that said "Believe". He really took his time and tried to cover the whole tree green (like most kids, he usually slops the color on there really quickly and has lots of spaces). He dotted a little yellow at the top for the star. I told him that we needed to wait for the tree to dry before he painted any decorations onto it. I offered for him to help me finish my craft, but he decline and went about his way playing make believe. I couldn't get him to be interested in it again after that. So, here is our plane green tree. I may have him decorate it tomorrow. Or I may not. I kind of like it plane, just the way that it is. It very much characteristic of him at this age.

Dylan decided that he really wanted to wait for his Daddy to come home so that he could help us when we made our gingerbread house. I'm glad that we did. Not only was it nice to do something all together, but that thing was SO messy, and I really needed that extra pair of hands! London was already asleep when we started making it. I'm glad because my poor girly would have been so miserable not being able to eat everything and be in everything with her hands. She just thinks she is a big girl, bless her sweet heart! I can't wait until she is old enough to really join us! Dylan had trouble not eating everything on the table as well! haha! He loved the icing.

This was our first attempt at one of these things together as a family. It was so so messy and I think we added too much water to the icing, it was just every where! We had a lot of fun and giggles making it though, and its something we will definitely do next year and every year after. Next year, maybe London Paisley will be old enough to "help" out some! I bet so!

Our house is not perfect, but it does have a lot of charm!

I even set the self timer on my little camera and got a pic of the three of us. Please excuse my no make up face! haha!

Here is a pic of all of our little Christmas Crafts from today. Ahhh. I love this time of the year!

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