Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knowing Dates

For the past week, I have honestly thought that tomorrow, Friday, was September 5. So all week I have been telling Dylan "Friday is your birthday!!". Thanks to my Sister in Law, I figured out that the 5th is actually on Saturday. So I had to tell Dylan, "Mommy thought your birthday was tomorrow, but its really on Saturday." All he had to say about that was "Well, can we still have cake tomorrow?" Yep, we will have cake.

In fact, we will have a big Birthday dinner with the family tomorrow night at fun restaurant and then head to San Antonio for Sea World on Saturday. London is going to hang out with my mom while we are gone. I am nervous to leave her, but no she will be in great hands. I look forward to being able to focus on having lots of fun with Dylan and can't wait for London to be old enough to enjoy such outings with us. I think she would be so miserable to spend the whole day there if she came.

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  1. sounds like fun! We're going to try to go to Sea World this fall...I think the boys will love it. Have a great time! And congrats on Dylan turning 5!

  2. Aww... you must have felt kind of bad to have to correct yourself... but that's great that he didn't mind (cake solves a lot of things, doesn't it, haha). :)

    I hope that Dylan has a great Birthday, and that you don't worry too much about little London.