Monday, September 21, 2009


For part of his birthday, we took Dylan to Sea World in San Antonio The whole trip was pretty magical for my sweet little man. His eyes stayed wide with excitement the whole time we were there, two loooooonnnnngggg full days. The first exhibit that we visited was coral reef tank. It was the largest single aquarium I have ever seen. It was just beautiful. I wish I could have captured the look in Dylan's eyes when he walked it. We have been to the Aquariums often, but this was just HUGE and SO BEAUTIFUL. We even got to watch the scuba diver feed the fish and manta rays. Dylan loved every minute of if.

Next up for the day was the Shamu show, "Believe." Magic is the only word I have for it. I'm sure the show was very exciting, but I couldn't tell you very much about it because I couldn't stop watching Dylan's face. His eyes would get so huge I thought they might explode when Shamu did his big jumps. He giggled uncontrollably when "that big, huge fish, named a whale" slapped his tail, soaking the whole front of the audience. Smiles of pure delight took over his face the entire show. Watching him was just magical. Shamu was his favorite part of the trip.

The entire weekend Dylan took every chance to show that, like magic, he had become a BIG kid over night. He rode (almost) fearlessly on a BIG roller coaster with his Daddy and I while baby sis watched from below with Uncle Lee (I think I forgot to mention that we ended up taking he with us and she did GREAT!). He was not scared during the roller coaster even though his mom was praying for their lives because he is now a BIG kid. How could this be, I gave birth to you just yesterday it seems. I guess it was Magic.
And since he is now a BIG kid, I guess its only natural for him to get Tatted (is that even a word!?) Up. Don't get crazy, not with real ink. Just a henna. Truthfully, I hate kid tattoos. But he saw the booths and kept ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing, and then I saw a panther on one of the booths that looked SO much like my Handsome Hubby's that I HAD to let him. You know, so he could be just like Daddy. Since he is a big kid and all.

Yep. He was one of the big boys now.

We also saw a dolphin show and a sea lion show that were both full of delight and magic.

And both nights, Dylan and London were both asleep before their little heads even hit the pillow, just like magic.

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