Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soccer and a Picnic

Daniel had the day off last Tuesday, so we took the kids to the park. He and Dylan playing soccer while London and I cheered them on from underneath a shady tree. It was such a nice day. All four of us really enjoyed getting to spend time outside getting fresh air and having some family time.

I thoughtfully packed a nutritious and healthy stopped at subway and got sandwiches for lunch. Dylan thought that the subway was much cooler than mom's 'ole cooking anyways. I didn't bring a big enough blanket though. Oh well, I'll know that blanket doesn't work for picnics the next time. In my head it was just much bigger though. Plus, I thought it would so cute for a picnic with all the bugs and what not on it (I know.. I'm silly).

And just for a laugh, check out these silly faces. I would love to know the thought behind London's expression! LOL!

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