Saturday, June 13, 2009

Laugh Out Loud.

My four and a half year old (please don't leave out the half part, he gets very upset about that) is one of the jolliest people I have ever known. From day one he has been extreemly happy go lucky. Infact, he is so darn sweet and happy all the time that I was REALLY worried that I was doomed to have a grumpy baby next. I am SO happy to report to you, however, that she is as sweet as pie. Lucky, I know. Or Blessed. Either way. I have to happy babes. Dylan is my little giggle box though.

Lots of things make Dylan laugh.

Actually, most anything make him laugh.

My mom said to him today that she wished she could share some of his joy with the world.

*Sigh* If only!

It sure would make the world a much happier place.

I know I wish that I always looked at the bright side of life.

Sadly, as an adult sometimes life feels too dark to find much brightness in.

And then, I hear Dylan's laugh.


He is my little ray of happiness.

How lucky am I to have him?

Super Lucky.

If I could, I would ship him to everyone who needed a smile for a day.

I actually wouldn't.

I would miss him far too much.

And I would miss his laugh.

Even for just one day.

Because he laughs every single day.

And he makes me laugh every single day.

Actually, he makes most everyone that meets him laugh.

*SMILE* I really love this kid.

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