Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Our church hosted its second annual Trunk or Treat the weekend before Halloween.
The kids had a blast running around with their friends and playing all the different carnival games.
We feel super blessed to have such an amazing church home.

Here's our Batman and Robin living large. :)

 There were all sorts of fun things set up. My favorite is always the cake walk. 

The kids of course love the trunk or treating.
Its always fun to see how creative people are with this.

And there were also games and inflatables.
I think the games were the kid's favorite part. 

Here's my favorite picture of the night. My sweet family on the hayride. 

I had a moment while we were there where I felt like time had crept up on me. I'm not sure when London became a little kid who is big enough to really play and enjoy all of the games. I glanced over at a little toddler sitting in his stroller content to be licking a sucker while his big brothers played, and I felt like it was just yesterday that it was London in the stroller and we were following Dylan around from station to station. Now, it's  her we follow around and Dylan is suddenly big enough run around on his own (with strict boundaries)  with his friends. I love this phase of life, it may even be my favorite. But sometimes I just can't shake the disbelief that my babies are growing up so fast. 

I told Daniel that I just wanted to freeze time that night.

I'm thankful for all the sweet memories we're making with them. I hope all of us remember nights like this for many, many years to come. 

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