Friday, August 31, 2012

Hip Hop

Last Thursday London started Hip Hop class for the first time. Last year she took a combo class with Ballet and Tap. She loved dance, and especially the recital, so I knew we would put her in it again this year. When I saw they had a hip hop class for her age I about jumped for joy because there was no doubt in my mind London would LOVE that. So we are dancing two dance a week this year. That seems so grown up to me. 

The first week, London was in a class by herself and she really loved it. Then the dance studio owner (and her combo class teacher) asked if we could move London over to the other hip hop class next door with girls that are just a year older. I said okay, but I wasn't sure she could keep up. Last night we tried that class and I think London liked it even better than the first. She kept up pretty well, though I think its pretty obvious that she's the baby of the group. Obvious is skill, but not height. She is just as tall as everyone else! 
She'll do great though. She's already asking when she can dance a recital. 

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