Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

On Mother's day last year, we spent the day at the zoo.  It was such a great day, that we knew we wanted to do the same this year. This year was extra fun because we met up with my big brother and his family.

Since, I wasn't sure if London would remember anything from last year (its been a whole year since we've been to the zoo), I started talking everything up about a week before going. She seemed to remember a few things, and especially the birds. She talked and talked and talked about those birds for DAYS. So the first place we headed was the bird cage. Dylan is old enough to remember a lot about lat years trip, and even others, and he was very excited for the bird cage too. Of course he's 7 going on 17 and is acting a little too-cool-for-school these days, so he showed much less the littlest Hilburn.

The birds seemed to love him. Every time I looked over, he had a bird on his stick.

My mom has always loved birds. She and my dad use to bird watch, binoculars and bird books.. the whole nine yards! This next picture is my favorite picture of her and London both from the whole day! 
Listen, I hate birds. The first time I went into this cage, I almost had a panic attack. But the birds in here are all little cage birds and for some reason, I didn't mind them at all this year. 

I won't try to put an explanation of the exhibit next each of the pictures bellow, instead I'll just sprinkle a few comments here and there because:
1. They don't need it.
2. It would make for a painfully long post.
3. I'm lazy.

We had so much fun wondering around the zoo. Dylan read some of the little plaques with facts outlout to me, which made my heart feel like it would burst. London ran from animal to animal with much excitement. And even the big kids and grown up kids had a great time.
We were all exhausted by 2:00 and called it a day, even though we only saw half the zoo and had planned to be there at least until 4:00. Even still, the day was perfection.

Dylan asked me to take a funny picture of him and the turtle.
Its one of my favorites of the day.

London is so crazy about her Aunt Donna. At one point, she wouldn't have anything to do with me, and only wanted Donna. It might would have hurt my feelings if it weren't so cute!
Grammy and all her grandbabies.
This is how we all felt by the end of the day!

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