Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grammy's Fall Festival

My mom had a Fall Festival in her neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. She invited us to come over and go with her. Daniel had to work that day, so it was just the kids and I. The weather was perfect and the people in charge did SUCH a great job with the festival.

They had lots of little carnival games for the kids. London and Dylan both liked the dunking booth the best, I think.
London couldn't quite get the ball up high enough to touch the red button, even though they were letting her stand right underneath it. So, I held her up so that she could throw the ball straight at it. When I picked her up, I asked the man working the booth if I was going to get very wet. He said, "Just a little." BULL! I was SOAKED! Like, my face was drenched. As in my makeup was half on half off. Oh well! It was worth it because London and Dylan both laughed like crazy over it, and London was very proud of herself for dunking the boy inside.

Mr Tbll didn't have trouble knocking the red button and dunking the kid.

Also, London was enthralled with this bean bag toss. Its such a simple game, but I think she could have stood there throwing the bean bags into the holes all day long.

They also had a little "Fear Factor Haunted House" set up with lots of gross things in it.
London and I didn't love it, but Dylan and Grammy thought it was great.

We all did a cake walk, and London won once. She got a dozen cookies that she shared with all of us at dinner.

They had a small "pumpkin patch" set up. I think this was my favorite thing. The kids each picked a pumpkin and got to decorate it with paint pins that were supplied. Then we got take home the pumpkins.

Confession: I hate face painting stations. The thought of the same sponge and paint being used on kid after kid makes me sick to my stomach. When I see them, I dodge them like a bomb, distracting the kids as fast as I can and moving them as far away from the face painting as I can. No such luck this time. The kids saw it before I did. I originally was going to say no, but decided I should just let them. I mean, I haven't heard of a kids face rotting off due to catching a skin eating infection from face painting lately (or at all). I'm glad that I let the indulge a little. They both picked spiders and thought they were hot stuff. Please believe though, I will continue avoiding those booths like a prisoner and a jailhouse.

Thanks for inviting us Grammy! We had a blast!

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