Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kelly's Blog Carnival

This week Kelly is hosting a carnival for KIDS BIRTHDAYS!! Both of my little cuties have birthdays coming up, so I have lots to share this time! Lets start with Dylan since he's the oldest, shall we?

My little guy loves all things action figures. He loves super heroes, video games, and G.I. Joes. I asked him what theme he would like for his 5th birthday and was not too surprised to hear "I want to have an Army party!" He says he is going to be in the Army like my husband's brother, Uncle Lee. Sweet, huh? Okay, back to the party. Camo. Lots of it.

I found paper products like this:

at Party City for half off! WoooHooo!

For the invites, a good friend of ours are going to do some custom ones for us that will be along the lines of something like this:

I am thinking of using these as goodies for the party/favors to take home:

I figured the kids can have their drinks in these and then take 'em home after the party.

And I just thought that these would be so cute for the kids to wear. I am going to use a paint pen to write each kid's last name on the hat. I'm pretty excited about this one!

For decor, I am going to use... CAMO (I bet you didn't see that coming!) ;). I found these cute star balloons and will mix them in with some green and brown ones. I think I am going to use a dark brown for the table covers just to break it up a bit.

For the rest of the party favors, I found these cute little binoculars to put in:

and then I have some plastic compasses and whistles along with a couple army tattoos and maybe a G.I. Joe thrown in. I think that will be plenty?

And maybe most importantly, what he will wear!! Actually, I am the only one in my house who cares, but oh well! My mom is going to make him a shirt like this, but whit and with camo fabric:

And he will wear these camo shorts from Gymboree:
And because I am a fashion crazed mom, London is going to have a camo dress with pink detailing to wear to her big bro's party.
Sheesh. I didn't even make it to London's birthday dinner. Its midnight, so I'll come back tomorrow, okay?

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  1. Cute ideas! My youngest would love this. He loves camos and wears them often. In fact he has them on now hehe!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. These are some really cute ideas.

  3. Cute! Cute! Cute! I'm LOVING the little helmets! Have you thought about using burlap for the table cover??? It's super cheap and would fit in with your theme. Also - I LOVE that your daughter is going to have a coordinating dress. too cute!
    Thanks for stopping by and complimenting my son's party!
    :) andrea