Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Diaper Days

Do y'all ever have days that you seem to not be able to get a darn thing done? Surely other people have these days, right?!? Well, I seem to have had them everyday this week.

Dylan has always been such as sweet, quiet, low maintenance kid. As a baby, he next to never cried. He has always been slow to anger, just like his Daddy. His little sister is the Yang to his Yin. :D My little girl is a spit fire, just like her Mommy. The past couple of days she has been particularly fussy though. Like REALLY fussy. She want to be either in my lap or have me sit right next to her on the floor. If I do not oblige, there is a major meltdown. She is only 9 months old, so it isn't as though I can punish her. I do let her cry for a minute but I can't let her scream forever, so I have been giving in.

All this equals nothing getting done around my house. I have laundry begging to done and bathrooms waiting to be scrubbed. We haven't even gotten dressed today. Nor did when on Monday. She has a closet FULL of clothes and has not had more than a diaper on since breakfast this morning. Its just a diaper kind of day.

Please share with me your tips and tricks if you have them!

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