Monday, June 23, 2014

Santa 2013

Out of all of our Christmas traditions, seeing Santa is at the top of the kids favorite list.
We always go with some of our favorite friends and make a big day out of it.
On kind of a side note... for the first time ever, Dylan did not want to wear anything Christmas themed at all this year. I know its part of growing up, but it makes me so sad! I miss the days of Santa rompers and reindeer onsies! At least London still lets me dress her how ever I want. 
Back to Santa...

 The kids were  super excited to see the jolly 'ole guy. They both decided to only tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, and not me. I'm pretty sure this was to test out whether or not Santa's magic is real. They ended up getting exactly what they wished for, so I guess it is!


After visiting with Santa, we headed to candy store. Part of our Santa tradition is to take the kids to the candy store and give them each a set amount of time to pick out whatever they want. We change the rules up from year to year. I think this year they could pick out any 4 things in 60 seconds. Its actually a lot harder that it looks! I'm pretty sure its the only time all year long that they even step foot into a candy store, so you can imagine how overwhelming it is for them!

After that we let them play in the play place. Its basically the most fun day of the year for them!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year because its full of moments that are bursting with the magic of childhood and Santa is a big part of that. I love watching their eyes light up the whole month of December long at the sight or mention of him. I love writing letters addressed to the North Pole. I love making cookies to leave by the fire place... I cherish every single second of Christmas magic with my sweet little family!
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