Monday, June 23, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always spent with my brother, Jona, and his family. We joke that this is when Santa Grammy comes to town. My mom, who I think loves Christmas more than any of us, always goes way over board with making Christmas magical. Not just with gifts but with making the whole day special.

                                                            Santa Grammy and all of her babies.
And with my babies...

Seriously, that pile is as big as London!
Not only does she give lots of presents, she gives the perfect gifts.
Dylan had been wanting Under Armour boxers for months and I refused to buy them because I think its ridiculous to pay that much for kid boxers (or adult really). Well, of course Santa Grammy picked them up for him.  I wish I had been recording when he opened that present. He burst into a fit a giggles and then got so excited.
And Lou had been asking for this cake pop maker for months!

Okay, this is the funniest. The kids have been asking for TVs in their rooms for over a year now. I kept saying "no way", but on black Friday my mom and I came across an amazing deal on TVs. She begged me to let her get them for the kids. I gave in and let her do it. Of course they had no idea it was coming, but every time she asked them if there was one thing they really wanted they would say a TV. Dylan especially wanted one, and I'm pretty sure he corralled London into asking for one too, thinking maybe they could share it. London wanted one, but Dylan reeeeeeeaalllly wanted one. Little did they know they she got them each one.
So, when they were opening their gifts, I put London's TV at the bottom of her pile and didn't put Dylan's into his pile at all. She was of course thrilled when she opened it. Dylan asked if it was supposed to be a shared gift and was so confused when we said no. He stayed so polite about it and said something like "Yay, London! We can watch movies in your room!" He was trying so, so hard to be happy for her.

We only carried that shenanigan for about 30 seconds before giving him his last present to open. I've never seen a kid more excited about a gift in my life!

After presents came the best gift of all... time with our family. I'm laughing so hard at the cheesiness of that sentence, but its really true.
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