Thursday, October 18, 2012

Princess and Knight Party

If love is in the details, then Honey, this party was FULL of love.
Jenn and I had so much fun crafting and pulling together all the details that made this party extra cute.

Since this was a Princess and Knight party, it only made sense to turn the entrance of the house into a castle.

Once the guest entered the castle, they were welcomed with some royal garbe.

Also in the entrance of our castle was the royal gift table.

This is is the royal sitting room. The big picture of the two of them is an engineer print that we had done at Lowes. It was crazy cheap (I think $3.00) and was such a cute touch! 
Here's the King's Tavern where we served our food buffet style.

Our handsome Knight had a dragon cake and our beautiful Princess had a castle cake.
All of our little Princesses and Knights ate dinner in the Royal Banquet Hall.

Our Knight table:

And our Princess table

Jen and I spent about an hour gossipping and bejeweling these goblets. We loved them!

 Of course our Royal pair needed Birthday Thrones. 

Outside, we built a castle just the right size for all the small royals. 
And this was the treasure found during one of our party games, a treasure hunt. Princesses received pretty little bags filled with jewelry and princess wands and knights received swords and shields.

I think this was my favorite party I've ever thrown. Now... How do I top this next year?

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  1. Such a cute party! I love all of the ideas... so creative!

    My son and daughter are a year apart and we do a shared birthday party theme.

  2. Can you tell me what you used to make the chains for your drawbridge at the front door?