Friday, September 23, 2011

Dylan's School Birthday Celebration

I made the mistakes of asking Dylan what kind of cupcakes he would like me to make.
He said Power Rangers.
I said, "Okay! Which one!?"
"All of them" he tells me.
"Like, some of each color"
There are 5 colors.
They all have different mask designs.

But, what my Birthday Baby want, my Birthday Baby gets!

London and I took them to his school and stayed to celebrate with his classroom.
The kids were all so excited about the cupcakes and went on an on
about how "cool" they were.
And my boy was beside himself with joy.
Worth it!

I really am glad that I made those cupcakes, even if they were a little bit stressfull.
But next year, I'm thinking I'm going to just suprise Dylan
with a (simple) cupcake design! :)

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