Friday, February 22, 2013

Second Grade Project Pallooza

Second grade has been chock-full of school projects.
Any time a project requires a costume, prop, special supplies, ect... I conciser it to be "mommy homework" as well as 2nd grade homework.

This week  was filled with two mommy homework type projects. Two. I'm tired just thinking about it. ;)

One of the assignments was a career report.

Dylan had to pick a career that peaked his interest and do a report on it. He was sent home with this paper doll that we were to cut out and "dress" to look like a person in said career.

Dylan of course chose to be a film director. What does a film director dress like though? Regular clothes is my guess, but that wouldn't make for a fun project. So I googled it and Dylan picked out this image:

Dylan  and I worked together to measure and cut out clothes and decorate his little dude: 

I thought he turned out pretty darn cute. Daniel made the little megaphone/bullhorn for us.
 Such a good daddy!

On a side note: Dylan really wanted to dress the little doll-guy on Wednesday, when I had planned to do it on Thursday. I thought "Okay, no big deal." But when I went to get construction paper we were completely out. Thank God for the best neighbors in the world who let us have some of their craft supplies! And it was really good think I listened to Dylan's wanting to do the project "early" because Thursday was crazy-busy and I have no idea how we would have gotten it done. 

Ok back to it..

And then Dylan wrote the report:

Dylan also had dress up to give a presentation on the report.
Again, how to dress up as a director? This was what we came up with:

The second project, which was due on the same day was Mini Mall.
Basically all of the kids bring in things to "sell", "buy", and trade with each other.
It could be anything they wanted... old toys, books, baked goods, friendship bracelets, service coupons, ect.. The kids bring their stuff in and set up a "shop" on their desk. They price their items and sell them to their friends for fake money that they have all been earning in class through out the year. Its a pretty cool concept, I think. Dylan was so, so excited about this project.

He decided to do mystery grab bags in his shop. He filled them with a couple of old book, some toys I had caught on super clearance last year, crayons, and legos. I through a fruit snack in the bottom of each one too. I was impressed with his idea to put legos in the bag. He picked out some old mini figures and then some random bricks and put them in a ziplock bag to make "a little lego pack." In one of the bags, Dylan built a pretty good sized "lego set".  My boy is creative, that's for sure.

I told him I thought his shop would sell out quickly and I was right. Mommy's always are though, aren't we? ;) Dylan was so excited when I picked him up from school. He said everyone loved the mystery bag idea and that he sold out fast! When we got home he was so proud to show us what all he had bought from his friends. I was tickled at how many baked goods he bought. I don't think the picture shows it but he came home with 6 packs of cookies, a cup brownie bites, and a cupcake. He bought the cupcake for me and peanut butter cookies for Daniel. And he bought his little sister a One Direction book (she "fainted" when he gave it to her) and a Justin Beaver doll. How sweet is he?!? 

I'm worn out! Second grade is hard work.

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